Product Service and Support

All new ScanCorporation products purchased are covered by a one-year parts and labor warranty policy. In addition, ScanCorporation extends full service on all existing products, legacy products and retired products. Scan also offers optional low-cost annual maintenance and extended warranty programs. If you have a product failure regardless of warranty period status, please click below and fill out our RMA request form to have your unit serviced and returned promptly. 

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Downloads and Software

Software suites and device drivers are available to the original purchaser for electronic download via the link below for up to 2 years following original product purchase. After that period, we will review each request and respond timely and appropriately. Our proprietary software suites are intended for our customers only and for use with specific SCAN hardware and/or application requirements. Support may not be available for uses other than intended or specified. ScanCorporation will not be responsible for any issues resulting from installation or operation of these programs/files other than their specified use.



**Unit Serial number and proof of purchase may be required prior to receiving an authorized download of these software suites to avoid product charges.

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Product Installation Assistance

Click below to view a helpful software installation video for the 6000 Series Scanners. This video is also applicable for the 8050 Series installations. You may also find it on the Software Installation CD included with each new unit purchased.

Installation video