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All of our units have the unique and proprietary ability to 'parse' data. Parsing allows us to take the scanned data line (OCR or Barcode) and cut it into sections. By doing this, we can isolate only certain parts of the data string, add an unlimited number of keystrokes before or after the scanned line, omit any parts of the data entered or even change a scanned data character to report something else - ALL done without the need for the user to touch the keyboard! No other company in the world offers this type of advanced feature in a simple, complete low-cost package.

'Contact' Scanner technology

Aside from our above unique parsing ability, our 5000 and 6000 scanner lines use 'contact' technology for character capture. Requiring the scanner to be flush against the surface of a data line helps us to achieve a 99.9% error free rate, along with achieving an average unit life operational expectancy of 10+ years. No other laser product can say that!

OCR vs Barcode technology

OCR is better suited for data entry in a controlled environment, for longer as well as smaller character data lines. Some OCR scan-lines may contain more than 40 characters and a variety of valuable information such as a bill due date, customer account number, amount owed, type of service, etc. A common example is remittance processing, where data on utility bills or other turnaround documents need to be entered into a custom software system. 

Barcode is best suited where the primary function is to identify parts or items in harsh environments or where the media is to be used over and over again and consists of relatively few characters. A common example of this is the airline industry, identifying and tracking passenger luggage or articles. Barcodes are very tolerant to rough handling and harsh environments, but require much more space on a label or document than OCR. Inch for inch, OCR can hold 6 times more information than a standard barcode. The answer for many then becomes easy, OCR technology.

Why Choose Us?

Originating in 1984 and headquartered in Brandon FL,  Scan Corporation has been a leading name in the manufacturing of Optical Character Recognition products, barcode scanning products, Marine electronics, and custom software design. Throughout the years, SCAN has enjoyed steady growth as it maintains its state-of-the-art approach in designing and manufacturing quality products, meeting the needs for data collection and data entry automation for the present and future.

Whatever your data entry automation needs, SCAN can meet them with an extensive array of products designed to satisfy almost any application.Whether you process remittance documents, paper stubs, track items on an assembly line, or run a retail point-of-sale operation, ScanCorporation has a product for you that will increase productivity and accuracy at such a rate, you'll wonder why you hadn't come to us sooner.

Veteran owned and operated. Proudly located in the USA.

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