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All-In-One Touch Computers





SCAN Corporation offers a complete family of touch technology products ranging from LCD touchscreen monitors to high speed LED Touch PC Workstations. SCAN Corp touchscreen technology offers one of the most intuitive ways for operators to interact with computer systems and applications. With 3 different model lines and multiple performance platforms to choose from, along with wall and desk mount options, we can custom build a unit to meet most any specification or requirement.


NEW! ST4550 Series 15.6" Touch Computers

The new ST4550 Industrial series line of all-in-one computers incorporates all the latest technology along with our numerous years of touch PC experience to give you one exceptional platform at extremely competitive pricing. Featuring the Intel Atom single and dual core processors, 2-4GB of high-performance memory, SATA II performance HDDs, Internal Hi-gain Wi-Fi (optional), optional attached mag stripe card reader (ideal for POS customers), advanced touch features with long-life screens and the latest 64-bit Microsoft© Operating Systems; these units are ready to handle many tasks large and small. The unique feature about SCAN Corporation's line of Touch PCs is the presence of legacy component ports right along side of current technology connections. Most of our units STILL house serial comm ports, LPT1 ports and external analog VGA for use with many companies legacy style infrastructures while maintaining the latest in USB 2.0 ports, LED displays, USB touch technology,  high definition sound and more. Utilizing high-strength black composite enclosures and featuring sturdy yet easily adjustable desk mounts or optional space saving wall mounts, these units can easily integrate into any space limited or cluttered desk environment. 


ST4550C Series Technical Specs




10.4" and 15" Rugged Industrial Units
ST3000 Series
ST4150 Series



  • Built-in Ethernet 10/100 Base T
  • USB interface
  • Available serial ports with optional +5VDC or +12VDC power
  • 1 parallel port with SPP/ECP/EPP support.


SCAN Corp offers a fully-contained Touchscreen PC Workstation about the size of a notebook computer to help minimize "counter clutter". Installation options include pedestal mount, wall mount, or docking station and utilizes standard VESA mounting holes. SCAN Corp provides an open architecture which conforms to workstation industry standards in design and compatibility to support applications now and in the future. Product configurations are adaptable to meet your touchscreen technology requirements. Processor options include the popular, low power Intel Pentium-M  and Celeron-M on many models. Scan Corp touch screen products support all popular operating system platforms.  CompactFlash or Solid-State Hard drives are an option for extremely rugged environments. High quality LCD with Resistive touchscreen technology provides excellent viewing and eliminates the need for a mouse or keyboard. Available networking through a standard Ethernet port or by using current wireless adapter standards allows for flexibility in all installation environments. All Microsoft Operating Systems are supported.