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Custom OCR Software


Customized Software Design is the process of converting your business needs or ideas into a computer software package to help your hardware product become fully functional or more efficient. We accomplish this by using a wide range of software development tools and highly-trained Development Engineers. We try to analyze your needs by working hand-in-hand with our clients to develop a software package that transforms your hardware specifications into a simple, easy, effective windows-based interactive program.  We specialize in designing OCR/Barcode programs that will...


  • help reduce manual user data entry, saving time and money
  • work with specialized and unique OCR hardware devices
  • integrate with various types of third-party software applications
  • design easy-to-use custom screens and pages
  • incorporate user-friendly help screens and manuals




SCAN's decoding library is a general-purpose library that processes Optical Character Recognition and barcode decoding. It can be ported to any embedded process with a C++ environment. Given a grayscale input image, the library will cut out and decode zones and iterate through multiple document definition, returning the results in strings. With a wide variety of image processing functions, the library may be tuned for maximum results. The library can be shut down to return all dynamically allocated memory to the system. Typically, the library is started up with an API call that allocates internal structures. It is then configured by importing a configuration string or by making individual API calls. After configuration, any number of decoding calls may be made without additional configuration.


SCAN Embedded Recognition Datasheet


♦ Features



OCR Symbologies 

  • OCR-A, OCR-B, E13-B, Handprint Arial, Courier, Times, U.S. currency



  • PDF 417, Code 39, Code 128, Codabar, UPC, EAN, JAN, Interleaved 2 of 5


Document Structure

  • Multiple Document Definitions

  • Auto-discrimination between documents

  • Multiple decoding zones within a document



  • Document verification against �rules� strings

  • Output formatter


Configuration Generation

  • Windows configuration Program

  • Graphic intermediate result debugging feedback

  • Regression Test on sample image database

  • Image Archiving

  • API code snippet generator

  • Click and drag zone generation

  • Configuration string generation

  • Input image formats � jpeg, bmp, limited PCX and TIFF


Image Processing

  • Adjustable threshold

  • Low pass filtering

  • Black space removal

  • Auto-document centering

  • Image or zone rotation and flipping through 90 degree angles

  • Small speckle removal

  • Large blob removal

  • Blob touching zone edge removal

  • Break joined characters

  • Voting on multiple passport recognition algorithms


Programming Interface

  • ASCII programming strings or individual API function calls


API interface

  • 'C' callable functions


Input Image

  • Grayscale - one byte per pixel



  • String results for each zone
  • Strings for travel document fields
  • Error code
  • Error string



♦ Applications



  • Check Readers
  • Passport Readers
  • Remittance Processing 



♦ Specifications



System requirements

  • Code footprint 1 megabyte
  • Minimum RAM required 4 megabytes
  • C++ run-time environment


Development Requirements

  • C++ compiler
  • Method of getting image into and text out of the embedded system for regression testing



  • OCR-A, OCR-B, E13-B, 99.99% on ANSI Y-Grade media



  • 500 milliseconds (two line passport 200 MIPS Processor)