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A barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of data, which shows certain data on certain products. Originally, barcodes represented data in the widths (lines) and the spacings of parallel lines, and may be referred to as linear or 1D (1 dimensional) barcodes or symbologies. They also come in patterns of squares, dots, hexagons and other geometric patterns within images termed 2D (2 dimensional) matrix codes or symbologies. Although 2D systems use symbols other than bars, they are generally referred to as barcodes as well. Barcodes can be read by optical scanners called barcode readers, or scanned from an image by special software. has addressed the demand for high-performance barcode scanning with our developed line of fast and accurate imagers and linear scanners. The handheld imagers are built rugged with no internal moving parts. They can withstand harsh industrial environments with exposure to vibration and a wide temperature range. Each scanner features compatibility with most standard barcode symbologies, including PDF417. Please click here for document examples




The DS4208 USB Laser Barcode scanner delivers the blazing speed typical of laser scanners on both 1D and 2D bar codes, allowing you to accommodate 2D bar codes (QR code, PDF417, AZTEC, etc.) without sacrificing scanning quality or performance. Users never need to take time to align the bar code with the scanner or pause between scans. And since you can capture bar codes printed on paper labels or displayed on the screen of a mobile phone, retailers can accommodate customers who download mobile coupons, mobile loyalty cards and more. You get industry-leading scanning speed on every bar code; true point-and-shoot first time scanning simplicity on even damaged and poorly printed bar codes; and a durable design for all day everyday reliability — all at an affordable price.
**Sold without stand. Stand is available as an option.
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SCWBS-2 Wireless Laser Barcode Scanners

SCWBS-2 Wireless Laser Barcode Gun is a step forward in data automation. With the freedom of no cords or wires to restrict the user, this device allows for range of movement found on many similar devices costing 3 times the amount. Using wireless protocols and NOT Bluetooth technology, this unit has a non-obstructed communication distance of up to 200m. Along with its on-board scanner memory, this 1D device not only transmits the data wirelessly but also stores the barcode data when out of range. Once communication is re-established with the receiver, the saved data is then transmitted instantly to the host. Lightweight and comfortable to hold, this budget-minded laser scanner will make barcode scanning quick and efficient while offering high quality and cord-free operation.

**Sold without stand. Stand is available as an option.


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SCLBS-1 USB Laser Barcode Scanners

SCLBS-1 USB Laser Barcode Gun is a great alternative for those customers who value excellent scan performance and cost-effectiveness in a general duty 1D handheld linear barcode scanner. Featuring a 32bit engine and a 5mil resolution, this USB scanner is fast and accurate. Simple, effective, and inexpensive. This is just one of the latest custom products offered by SCAN Corporation that gets the job done quickly and easily while keeping the budget in perspective.

**Sold without stand. Stand is available as an option.



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1300G USB Series Laser Scanners

1300G USB Barcode Gun is the ideal choice for customers who value aggressive scan performance and durability in a general duty handheld linear barcode scanner.

Featuring an ideal balance of performance, durability and ergonomics, the 1300g provides years of hassle-free scanning, especially in scan-intensive or light industrial applications. It delivers outstanding linear imaging performance and versatility. Fast intuitive bar code reading out to 18 inches (457mm), and high density bar code reading are both enabled in a single device, eliminating the need to purchase specialty scanners. With no moving parts to wear out, the Hyperion 1300g is one of the toughest general duty scanners on the market and is designed to keep your operation running smoothly.



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2033A Easy Scanner

2033 Easy-Scanner is a versatile decoder/wedge with hundreds of interfaces, three input ports, and over 90 data editing commands. With an optional keypad and display, it can be used as a data collection terminal with bidirectional communication. It is arguably the most versatile Barcode decoder on the planet. USB adapter available.


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1921 Microwedge Barcode Scanner

1921 MicroWedge is a compact, reliable, barcode reader that interfaces with any XT, PC, PS-2, or Macintosh computer without changes to the host software. The MicroWedge installs in seconds; it simply plugs in-line with any standard keyboard. Output from the barcode scanned, appears as if it were typed directly into any software such as databases, spreadsheets, word processors, or custom applications. USB adapter available.


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*All of our products are designed to operate on a Microsoft© based host. Many of them

support all current Windows Operating systems including XP, Vista, 7 & 8 <32/64bit>. Please

contact us with any technical or installation questions you may have.